6 Ways to Achieve Work-Life Balance

Maintaining a work-life balance is ideal especially for people with busy schedules but the truth is, this is easier said than done.

Striking a work-life balance can be a huge challenge and it doesn’t matter if you work from home or in the office.

As challenging as it can be, it is without a doubt extremely necessary because not being able to do it can lead to stress and other factors that can put your health at risk.

That being said, below are a couple of key strategies you can implement so you can have more time for your family and yourself while still getting work done.

Track your time

It’s easy to get lost in the thick of things when you’re not aware of your time consumption.  If you are going to achieve a work-life balance, this is probably the most important step.

Try to keep a journal and write down how much time you spend both for personal and work-related things.

Doing this will help you understand how you’re using time and where you’re losing so much of it.

Narrow Down Your Priorities

The benefit of tracking time is that it helps you realize what you need to prioritize.  

This step is crucial so make sure to spend some time going through your tracker so you can identify which activities you need to keep on doing and which ones you need to stop.

Establish Boundaries

Saying “No” isn’t a bad thing especially if your work-life balance depends on it.

Whether we want to admit it or not, the inability to say “No” is sometimes the biggest obstacle to achieving a healthy work-life balance.

You need to set realistic limits to what you will and will not do both at work and at home.  Just make sure to clearly communicate these boundaries to your colleagues and your family to avoid any misunderstanding.

Set your Work Hours & Make Sure to Stick to Them

Setting a specific number of hours for work and doing everything in your power to stick to them is an excellent way to achieve work-life balance.

Though it’s easier said than done, it is necessary because not doing so will put you in autopilot and make you lose track of time.

Make your Health a Priority

We’ve all been raised in the belief that “health is wealth” and this couldn’t be any more true when it comes to the topic of work-life balance.

No matter how jam-packed your schedule is, your health should be your number one priority because your work and personal life can easily suffer if you’re not in good shape.

Make sure to eat healthily and make time for regular exercise and workouts.  Get the right amount of sleep and live a healthy lifestyle by staying away from alcohol and tobacco as much as you can.

It’s easier to achieve work-life balance when you’re not stressed because you have more clarity and you’re in the right frame of mind.

Be present

One of the biggest mistakes a lot of people make is to not leave work at work.  When you’re at home, be at home.  Leave your laptop or work papers where they should be - at work.

Try to switch off when you’re with the family.  Make time for them and yourself by going on a vacation, camping, or just spending time with each other at home.

Final Thoughts

It’s not impossible to achieve work-life balance but you need to have the discipline and determination to make it work.  

While the steps mentioned can help you strike that balance you’re looking for,  it still goes down to how bad you really want it and how you respond to the challenge.